Pre-sales Questions

Do you offer support?

Yes, we offer support for our product.

Support includes assistance with setting up and resolving issues with our products, but does not include customization services or support for 3rd party plugins and integration’s.

Please use our Contact page or write an e-mail to

What’s included in the purchase Price?

Include in the price is free support and updates for the first year.

After 1 year you can continue to use the product, but will lose access to support and updates if you dont renew your license.

License terms

NOVIX IVS grants you a nonexclusive, nontransferable, non-sublicenseable, limited license to use the Software on a number of computers for which you have paid the applicable price.

If you pay the price for using the Software on ten computers, you have the right to use the Software on unlimited number of computers (including terminal servers) operated by a single company. The term “single company”, as used in the preceding sentence, shall not be interpreted as including: (i) any subsidiaries of the company; and (ii) any companies owing the company; (iii) any other companies related to the company.



I can´t find Calendar Print in Outlook?

After installation you can find CalendarPrint in Outlook calendar view in the Home tab.




If you mistakenly should have installed a 64-bit version of Calendar Print on a 32 Bit Outlook, then the icon will be missing in Outlook. The same applies if you have installed a 32bit version of Calendar Print on a 64bit version of Outlook. To correct this, uninstall Calendar Print and install the correct version.

Holidays are missing on my printed calendar?

Calendar Print only print holidays if Outlook contains holidays and by default Outlook don´t contains any holidays.

But you can add holidays manual for one or more countries.

Click on the link to see the instruction:

It takes long time to create the calendar?

The time it takes to create the calendar depends on your setup. If the data is saved locally on your computer it will normally go fast with the creation of the calendar.

In cases where you are connected to an Exchange server, a slow connection can cause a delay in the calendar processing. To avoid this, try to enable Exchange Cached Mode in Outlook, this will in most cases speed up Outllok and thereby create the calendar faster.

Click on the link to see the instruction:

“Calendar name missing”:

If you don´t have Full Details permission for the calendar that you are trying to print, the program will fail to retrieve the name for the calendar.

You can double click the name “Calendar name missing” and manually rename it to what name you want for the calendar.

To resolve this issue you should ask the system administrator or the owner of the calendar to assing you “Full Details” permission for the calendar.

Have a look at this guide for instructions on how to assign “Full Details” for a calendar


Installation guide

The program only requires a few clicks to install.

In the link below you can see a detailed step by step guide:

Product updates

Outlook Calendar Print v2.00

  • Added daily view
  • Option to print multiple calendars in Overlay or side by side

Outlook Calendar Print v1.08

  • Added Time Schedule feature:
    • Give you the option to show the time for each appointment on the final calendar. Many people use this for Scheduling plans.

Outlook Calendar Print v1.07

  • Fixed bug in GUI for Chinese and Italian.

System requirements

32 bit version:

  • Outlook 2010 32Bit
  • Outlook 2013 32Bit
  • Outlook 2016 32Bit

64 bit version:

  • Outlook 2010 64Bit
  • Outlook 2013 64Bit
  • Outlook 2016 64Bit

Both version works with or without connection to Exchange server.

Read more about 32 bit vs. 64 bit Outlook here


Tips & Tricks:

Add holidays to your calendar

You can add holidays for one or more countries.

Click on the link to see the instruction:

Speed up Outlook with Cached Exchange Mode

Cached Exchange Mode is default set in Outlook.

If you for some reason has disabled it, you can follow this guide which will describe how you enable it again: