Step-by-Step Installation Guide

The following is a general tutorial for how to install Calendar Print.


Download the latest version of Outlook Calendar Print from this link.


Once the download has completed, you should extract the contents using whatever tools your operating system provides. When completed, you should be left with a file named “Setup.exe”.

If your operating system does not automatically remove the .zip installation archive, you can delete it at this time.

Launch the Installer

Note: Calendar print have the following prerequisite:

  • Microsoft .net framework
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime

If you don´t have the prerequisite software on your computer, you will get the option to install them automatically under installation of Calendar Print

You’re ready to begin the installation process.

  • Run Setup.exe by double clicking the file.
  • Click Next in the popup window.


  • Accept the License Agreement and click Next.


  •  Click Finish on the last popup.


You’re Done!

Congratulations! (That wasn’t so bad, was it?)

After installation you can find Calendar Print in the ribbon in Outlook calendar view in the Home tab. Sound complicated, just look at the picture below:




If You Get Stuck

If, for some reason, you should have problems installing Calendar Print or using Calendar Print, don’t worry help is near:

Please use our Contact page or write an e-mail to